Basic Computing Using Windows

Computers and Peripherals
What is a computer? A computer is a machine that inputs (takes in) facts and information (known as data), and then processes (does something to or with) it. Afterwards it outputs, or displays, the results for you to see. Data is all kinds of information, including, pictures, letters, numbers, and sounds. There are two main parts of computers, hardware and software. Hardware is all of the parts of the computer you can see and touch. Software is the instructions that a computer uses to do what you ask it to. Pieces of software are often called programs.
Many people mistakenly think that where the computer normally displays things is the computer. This is not true. That is the monitor. The computer is usually a box. Also, you may call the whole assembly of all the hardware (the computer and the monitor, for example) the computer.
There are different styles of monitors. One of these is the one already shown. It is called a CRT monitor. It takes more power than the other popular kind, called LCDs. However, CRT monitors work faster, which makes them better for fast games because the movement will blur less. LCDs are thinner than CRTs, but they are more expensive.

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