Embedded Linux Distributions Quick Reference Guide

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This Quick Reference Guide provides brief descriptions of many of the currently available commercial and non-commercial sources for Embedded Linux distributions and implementations, and includes pointers to more detailed information. We sincerely hope this guide will assist you in locating Linux-based solutions that match your system requirements.
This quick reference guide is organized in four parts . . .
  • Part 1: Introduction and Overview to this Guide -- you are reading it now.
  • Part 2: Embedded Linux Commercial Distributions -- these are Embedded Linux distributions that are maintained and supported by companies as commercial products. They offer a wide range of capabililties and target a broad assortment of markets, from high-end telecommunications infrastructure, to handheld computers, to "deeply embedded" data acquisition and control.
  • Part 3: Open Source Embedded Linux Implementations -- the Embedded Linux implementations in this category are available as downloadable object and source code, and are covered by open source licenses.
  • Part 4: Recommended further reading -- here, we provide a "recommended reading list" of selected LinuxDevices.com articles and whitepapers that provide additional information about Embedded Linux distributions, techniques, and technologies.

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